to prove i am still kicking, here is what i am

by cable, Friday, April 24, 2020, 13:11 (756 days ago) @ John K.

tinkering with currently. this a very light, beautifully balanced little german combination gun from the 1920s..the upper barrel is a 28 gauge shotgun [ uses 2.5 inch shells and I do have those ] and the lower barrel was supposed to be 22 hornet... but not exactly !


it is actually the European cartridge 5.6x35R Vierling, which was derived from the old American cartridge the 22 WCF. it is close to the same, but mainly with thicker it chambers but the action wont fully close on it. so the gun can be modified a little or the rims of the 22 hornet relieved on a lathe [ I don't have one ] or....buffalo arms sells 22 wcf brass, although they are out of stock currently. that is the way I am going to go

need to do a little mod on a tip off 22 mount to have option for a scope



hope to get this one going soon

more weird stuff will soon follow :-D

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