New Server Fundraiser

by webservant @, Monday, November 30, 2020, 19:32 (135 days ago) @ webservant

The following are domains that belong to the community. Some of them have active sites, some of them are place holders, waiting for someone who'd like to develop them. Miles Fortis is our most active site, Miles posts pretty much daily and is a good place to pick up news bits of interest. And of course the .us version of the Miles Fortis domain is the repository of all the classic articles from way back when. We'll be transferring these sites to the new server as well.

The date following the domain name is the current expiration date of the current registration.

Frontier Sixshooter Community Domains 11/17/21 06/17/21 06/15/24 06/15/23 02/08/24 06/27/24 10/31/21 11/05/24 06/15/23 06/15/23 02/04/24

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