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by webservant @, Monday, November 30, 2020, 19:28 (94 days ago)

Good evening,

I've been digging around to see what all needs done to get us onto a more secure server setup. The idea is to set it up, set up the forum over there, back this one up and then restore it over there. In theory it's pretty straight forward. We'll also have room for the other, related, sites. I'll put up info on that as a reply to this post.

We've been laying out over $200 a year for hosting, this other server will cost $360 for a three year contract, and free SSL certificates to boot.

I realize this is a bad time of year for many, but we're on a time constraint so figured I'd put this up anyway and see how it goes.

You can PayPal webservant @ sixshootercommunity . com [remove spaces](if you use Friends and Family then they don't make a dime) or, you can send a check to:

Paul Moreland
C/O Mark Moreland
1325 Chestnut St
Webb City, MO

It would help if you'd drop an email to the address above to let me know it's on the way so we can keep tally. We're looking only to cover expenses, not make money here. Thanks!

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