Please help me with some math and how to think this through.

by jgt, Wednesday, May 06, 2020, 05:40 (299 days ago) @ Byron

The commies have a saying: Never let a good crisis go to waste. I believe China conducted their labs the same way they do everything. It was known they were using poor procedures to safeguard the containment of the virus inside their Wu Han lab. Whether through negligence, or purpose, the virus got into the population outside the lab. I think they saw the opportunity to share it with their largest rival and test it's effectiveness around the world. I believe this was a bio-warfare attack camouflaged as an accidental release. The key is how long they covered up the information, and how they managed the information once it was apparent what had happened. Now they are acting indignant that anyone would suggest they were responsible. Even to the point of trying to claim we were.
What makes it so bad is the commies in this country are doing their best to not let this crisis go to waste. What our commies are too stupid to recognize is not only do laws not protect us from criminals, those laws will not make freedom loving citizen roll over for them.
Maybe I am ready for a tin-foil hat, but this is what I believe is happening.

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