Please help me with some math and how to think this through.

by Byron, Tuesday, May 05, 2020, 15:14 (299 days ago) @ cubrock

At this point there is total consensus within intelligence that the bug came from the Wuhan Bio Lab and that it is almost surely an natural virus instead of a bioweapon that they cooked up and that the ChiCom were studying and trying to develop technology that would place them ahead of the US in the ability to manage Level 4 bugs. It probably escaped due to poor management instead of an intentional release. However there is some evidence that the ChiCom were stockpiling bio gear prior and released it on purpose as a way to kill off the weakest and least productive of their citizens and at the same time crash the world economy.

The ChiCom have a 100 year strategic plan for world domination and most certainly do not have conversations about what bathrooms to use.

Long term the west is hosed.


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