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by Catoosa, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 23:11 (181 days ago) @ D.Sikes

Negatory on the +P and most definitely on +P+. The BMs are fine little pistols but the slides are selectively (spot) hardened. They aren't up to hot 9mm loads. That said, with standard 9mm loads they are sweet little guns. I have three of them that I use for various purposes, including sometimes as carry guns. I do not know of a 9mm that is more comfortable to carry IWB, and all 3 of the ones I have are stone reliable and plenty accurate.

One thing you will need to do is replace the recoil spring. The majority of these guns are Guardia Civil trade-ins, and have seen lots of service. They are not worn out by any means even though some may look like it. A new recoil spring from Wolff will keep it running nicely. While you're at it, order a Colt 9mm magazine spring too. It will fit the BM magazine - a tad bit stronger than the original but I have not found that to be a problem. Magazines are not easy to find and not cheap when you do, but they are durable and can be easily rebuilt.

The biggest problem with the BMs are due to the fact that they have been out of production since the early 1990s and the company no longer exists, so spare parts are not to be had easily. That's the reason I wound up with three of them - liked the first one so much I bought two more to ensure that I had enough parts to keep one running as long as I might need it.

NEVER dry fire a BM - the firing pin will break and spares are almost unobtainable. Also, as already mentioned, some have inertia firing pins and some don't. Unless you are positive yours does, don't carry it with the hammer down on a live round. However, the manual safety is one of the best and most foolproof designs I have ever seen, and I have no problem carrying one cocked and locked.

Anyway, good luck with your new little friend. I predict you'll quickly learn to like it. If you have any more questions, holler at me. I ain't an expert at anything any more, but I have spent some time fooling around with these little poppers.


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