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by ~JM~, Tuesday, January 14, 2020, 19:40 (84 days ago) @ stonewalrus

"...I have seen firing pin length vary enough in the Model BM pistols that some do have inertial pins while others do not. An inertial firing pin does not touch the primer with the hammer down (Condition Two) and resting against it. In other words, the firing pin is shorter than the firing pin channel and flies forward enough to fire the primer when struck by the hammer. A blow to the hammer resting on an inertial firing pin will not fire the chambered round. On a non-inertial firing pin (one that is longer than the channel), it will. To see which a particular Model BM has, take a flat and straight object and press the rear of the firing pin flush against the slide containing it. If the pin does not protrude at the breechface, it is inertial. If it does, it is not. While I do not subscribe to Condition Two carry, it should never be done with any pistol not having an inertial firing pin…including the Model BM. A blow to the hammer could cause the pistol to fire..."

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