by Creeker @, Hardwoods, Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 17:24 (50 days ago)

My wife & I wish to purchase a side by side. I don't want to spend a fortune but do have two concerns, the noise & heat level in the cab. The less the better. Any help with this is appreciated. Thanks guys..............Lynn


by Slow Hand ⌂ @, Indiana, Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 17:39 (50 days ago) @ Creeker

I’m a bit biased but a decent, used Jeep has always seemed a better deal than most SxS’s.



by E Sisk, Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 17:50 (50 days ago) @ Creeker

Mahindra ROXOR??


by Paul ⌂, Wednesday, February 24, 2021, 19:08 (50 days ago) @ Creeker

I think it's a Polaris with electric motor that a friend has out in CO. He uses it for his outfitting business. Very low noise. Very versatile. Heat depends on ambient temperature. In the winter you can use a windscreen to cut down on wind chill factor, eliminate it in summer for better ventilation.


by Bob Hatfield @, Thursday, February 25, 2021, 13:54 (49 days ago) @ Creeker

Some are not cheap now for sure. I'm on the board of directors for a federal credit union. We were going over the board packet a few days ago. I noticed a loan for an ATV for $30,000. . I asked "what kind of an ATV costs that much?". The manager said it was a Side by Side. I hope it has an air conditioner and heater for that much. My goodness you can buy a totally restored flat fender jeep for that much off of Autotrader.


Illegitimi Non Carborundum

silly me

by bj @, Thursday, February 25, 2021, 19:39 (49 days ago) @ Creeker

Even though I read the subject, when I started reading the message I was thinking "Fox 12Ga Double".


by Andrew @, Bloomington, IN, Friday, February 26, 2021, 19:56 (48 days ago) @ Creeker

I'm with Doug. A 87-06 Jeep YJ/TJ is much less, more powerful, and can go to town for groceries.

i have used them a lot.Honda is the most reliable

by cable, Sunday, February 28, 2021, 21:47 (46 days ago) @ Creeker

but their side by sides are expensive. a good used yamaha rhino is nearly as reliable and pretty comfortable. winch is essential and we have a hard top, glass winchield and installed a heater etc. being in alaska. its a lot of fun, and we go places where no one will come along to help us.... so it has proven reliable, safe, and a heck of a lot of fun.

have had polaris and for the last 20+ years lots of friends have had them, but be prepared for lots of maintenance work and problems. more than a few of my friends have been stranded by them

ATV Stay away from Yamaha. Loud!

by Rob Leahy ⌂ @, Prescott, Arizona, Thursday, March 04, 2021, 20:08 (42 days ago) @ Creeker

Polaris are general better all around a quiet.

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