I spoke to a friend who was the reporting paramedic....

by Otony, Monday, January 11, 2021, 14:12 (93 days ago)
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.....at the murder scene, and need to correct a few errors I wrote in the confusion of the moment.

My friend Gerry was shot by his son Steve, but thankfully did not suffer. He died instantly. According to my friend Ben who was the first paramedic responder on the scene, there was absolutely no chance that Gerry could have survived for even a few moments.

Steve went on to shoot his brother Patrick, not his son as I had mentioned earlier. There were all sorts of rumors going around that morning, but there is little consolation here. I spoke with Patrick yesterday, and he is basically still in shock, and severely traumatized. He is out of the hospital, but truly in need of emotional support and probably PTSD counseling. His appearance is actually horrifying, he has gone from healthy and active to looking as though he just left a concentration camp.

I also spoke to the third party who was present, a Mr. Fullen. I’ve heard of him through Gerry, but somehow had never met him. Steve tried to shoot him too, but missed. What occurred after that moment wasn’t able to be discussed, as Patrick was present and not doing well.

Gerry’s wife is distraught and not making much sense. That is to be expected given the circumstances. She is being cared for by her step-daughter from Gerry’s first marriage, and his oldest son Michael is on his way to help.

The funeral date is still unknown as the authorities still have the body for an autopsy. Under the circumstances, it will probably be an outdoor service as there isn’t a facility short of the fairgrounds that can accommodate the expected crowds. I cannot emphasize enough how truly beloved this man was in our town. The obituary I posted earlier only covers a portion of Gerry’s accomplishments, he touched the hearts of thousands of high school students over the years as a mentor, father figure, and at times a savior. He constantly gave, and gave, and gave again of his time to all and sundry.

He will be sorely missed.....

Prayer for family & friends. nt

by Cherokee @, Medina, Ohio, Monday, January 11, 2021, 14:29 (93 days ago) @ Otony


My condolences Tony....

by Glen, Wednesday, January 13, 2021, 11:33 (91 days ago) @ Otony

My interactions with Sarge were limited, but I remember him well and fondly. He was a fine man.

Thank you Glen.....

by Otony, Thursday, January 14, 2021, 21:43 (90 days ago) @ Glen
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.......he was really a marvelous man in so many ways.

He and I spent 3 to 4 days a week working together at my house for the better part of a year, maybe longer. At least 5 hours per day, maybe more. You really get the feel of a fellow when you spend that much time together. It was the highlight of my day, waiting for him to show up.

That Ford pickup of his had a very distinctive shell that was easily recognizable from far off. Whenever he would pull up in front of the store I got excited to see him, just like a little kid for goodness sake. My world always, always became better when he was around.

I can’t tell you the number of people who were sent in by Gerry, or the number of people with whom I became friends because of my association with him. His name was a “pass” for many. If you were friends with him, you were okay, good to go.

His favorite descriptive term was “phenomenal”, he used it when he truly wanted to drive a point home about the quality of something. Well, I can hardly think of a better appellation for him. He was all that and then some.

It’s been a week, and I am still stunned. In my heart of hearts I keep thinking that there has been a mistake made somehow, that he will come rolling in one more time. I’ve lost many a friend and relative over the years, some of whom it took years to finish mourning, if one ever really does finish. I perceive that he is among those whose loss it will take years to accept.

I am, in a word, bereft.


The tragic loss a friend

by RidinLou, Middle TN, Monday, January 18, 2021, 13:41 (86 days ago) @ Otony

I can not imagine the sorrow you feel.

May you take solace in knowing that all you shared with your friend is locked away in your memory.
Occasionally bring one of those memories forth and relish the good times you shared with him.

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