The regular forum address is open for business

by Paul āŒ‚, Friday, January 01, 2021, 12:34 (103 days ago)

Well, dear friends, thanks to David Fagan we're up and running on once more. We're running the latest and greatest of both the backend and front end bits and pieces that keep us "on the air". This should keep us going well into the future. Thank you all who've contributed to make this happen. Once I finish the last details on the move itself I'll put up an update on the disbursement of the funds received. Once more, THANK YOU to each and every one of you who contribute in various ways to make this the great bit of the 'net that it is.

Thanks for all the effort.

by Cherokee @, Medina, Ohio, Friday, January 01, 2021, 15:12 (103 days ago) @ Paul

Looks good so far.

Thank YOU for all you do here.

by mcassill, Friday, January 01, 2021, 18:20 (103 days ago) @ Paul


Thank you!

by Dave B @, Alamogordo New Mexico, Friday, January 01, 2021, 20:45 (103 days ago) @ Paul

Thank you for your efforts!

The regular forum address is open for business

by rob @, Saturday, January 02, 2021, 09:43 (103 days ago) @ Paul

Iā€™m in!

The regular forum address is open for business

by RidinLou, Middle TN, Monday, January 04, 2021, 21:32 (100 days ago) @ Paul

Thanks to you, David and any others that made the transfer a "seamless" success.

As far as accounting, do we need to collect some more to make it all whole, or are we good with what we have??

Thanks for asking.

by Paul āŒ‚, Tuesday, January 05, 2021, 06:41 (100 days ago) @ RidinLou

I'll try to get an update soon, haven't done the renewals yet and am not sure what that's going to run. The great thing is that the new contract on hosting is a three year one, we're good for hosting until the end of 2023. It's the domain names I'm not sure of at the moment.

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