by Dave B @, Alamogordo New Mexico, Wednesday, March 03, 2021, 20:22 (43 days ago) @ bj

I learned a hard lesson. I was loading these on my Dillon 550, big mistake, I am using Lyman dies, with a Lee FCD. Well the powder die was working the brass way too much. So now I am using the Lyman M die that came in the set, and it does a much better job without overworking the brass. The brass that split were all RP nickle plated. I need to find someone to solder a new front sight on this butchered Buckeye Special. Currently I am shooting powder coated RCBS SWC at 102 gr, over 4.4 gr of Power Pistol, shoots about a 8"-9" high at 25. Still such a fun cartridge as I have gained years of "wisdom".


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