PCC- Dont understand them.....

by Slow Hand ⌂ @, Indiana, Monday, February 15, 2021, 14:13 (59 days ago) @ Gunner

They are fun, for one. These days there are quite a few mew subgun designs and the only way for us non SOT holders to play with them is a Semi auto PCC.

I’m not sure I understand your muzzle blast as a bonus comment. Concussion and noise are the two biggest reasons I like to play with suppressors. I wouldn’t want to shoot anything indoors with no ear protection but you dump a few rounds from a 10.5 AR and you’ll be feeling it and (not) hearing it for awhile. 9mm would be much better for that use if need be. I’m not saying a short pcc is better than a short AR, but when you suppress them, I will say any pistol caliber is much better. Yes you can suppress a 5.56, it’ll still be louder and blastier as well as general minimum for a 556 can is a 10.5” barrel. You can drop a 9mm down to near nothing and still be safe to suppress it, plus most pistol cans are aluminum vs steel of a rifle caliber can. I do t see any reason to shun one over the other. They both have their uses for sure.


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