Ruger Old Army mainspring question

by Paul ⌂, Saturday, January 16, 2021, 18:57 (47 days ago)

A while back I picked up a Ruger Old Army to replace the one I sent down the road years before. It's got a lovely, light action - but does not reliably set off the caps, unlike my first ROA with which I never had a failure to fire due to cap issues.

My understanding is that the Ruger Old Army uses the same mainspring as the Blackhawk and Vaquero. Is this correct? Where would someone find such a spring in today's market? Jack First has ROA springs, at $12 a pop... that seems a bit salty to me - but haven't had occasion to shop springs in quite a while. Brownells is sold out of Blackhawk mainsprings. Not sure where else to look.

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