It's a bit slow around here, here's something different...

by Paul ⌂, Friday, January 08, 2021, 08:08 (58 days ago)

The video linked below is one put up by a Brazilian gunsmith. I stumbled on his channel last night and ended up watching two videos and parts of others (looking for a follow up on the first one)

He's working on an old resolver that has a lot of holster wear around the muzzle, but then he addresses another issue - the barrel is bulged in front of the frame so he essentially does a massive Taylor Throat job on it. I need to take time and watch it again as I was looking on my phone and missed a lot, plus I skipped over a lot of it because of focusing on trying to find the video (which I now believe hasn't been done yet) that follows up on the teardown of a revolver that was "lubricated" with the wrong substance. But I digress. I figure some of you might find the work done on this barrel interesting. The video is in Brazilian Portuguese so you might want to just leave your speakers off, or not.

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