Old site no longer accessible.....

by Paul ⌂, Friday, January 01, 2021, 08:40 (104 days ago) @ Otony

The DNS resolves at a different pace in different places. Yesterday my regular browser would not access the new forum, today it's working fine - 24 hours after the switch was flipped. If you're still stuck in limbo you might try dumping your browser cache and try again. We don't want to leave anyone hanging out to dry!

......at least not by me.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful 2021, may the coming year be filled with health and happiness for all.


Try it again and let me know. It should be up and running, on the forum part anyway...

And may you and yours also have a blessed New Year

Nope, I can get to the front page, but not the forum.

Even tried going through my “history” and found where I had accessed it yesterday. Clicked on that and NO GO

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