AR15/M16 The rest of the story...

by Byron, Saturday, September 12, 2020, 14:39 (125 days ago)

Much has been said through the years about the shortcomings of the AR15/M16 pattern of rifles and much of that is simply untrue.

Most have heard that when their best friends uncle Bob was in the 'nam he carried an M16 made and marked by Mattel and that the bullets would "rise" and tumble out of the muzzle.

That the 5.56mm round was only good for gophers and would not carry up and was only effective at close range.

Then the story from some years back (on this site) about a local BBQ with a young gentleman (REMF) fresh from the "sandbox" when given the opportunity to shoot a M1 Garand pronounced it superior in every way to the POS M4 issued and that he would have preferred it.

Then the response from a respected long term member of the board to a picture of my son in 2007 who was a USMC grunt in Fallugah and Ramadi with his M203 was that "at least he could count on at least one round going off".

Yada yada...

Anyway this is in my opinion the most in depth study on the history of the failure of the M16 when first fielded in VN.

A valuable insight into the military industrial complex.



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