FX 9.....

by Slow Hand ⌂ @, Indiana, Thursday, July 23, 2020, 03:54 (457 days ago) @ Gunner

Thanks, it was fun shooting it and now that I’ve fixed it up a bit, it should be even better.

I honestly can’t imagine you getting anything but a 1911 Mech Tech upper! I’m sure you’ll have fun with it.
Is it rated for hotter leadings? If that’s anything you would be interested in, I wonder about using some slower powders or even heavier slugs to get a bit more punch out of it. I played with my SUB 2000 in .40 S&W a long time ago with some 2400 and Lil Gun loads and well surpassed 10mm pistol ballistics. Probably not the best idea ina polymer framed straight blowback firearm, but it was done in youthful exuberance!


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