An old Remington Model 721

by JD, Western Washington, Monday, July 20, 2020, 19:21 (757 days ago) @ Sarge

They are wonderful old rifles that give up nothing to rifles made today. Very accurate, and completely reliable... Maybe not as fancy, but every bit as functional

I had one in 270 that I used for years and had some work done to refinish it. It was my first rifle. I foolishly traded it in on something new, and regretted it ever since. Then a couple of years ago, I spotted a 721 in the used rack of my favorite gun shop. I picked it up and sure enough it was my old 721 of 25 years ago. Same condition, same scope. Great price, too. Needless to say I bought it in a heartbeat. I replaced the cheap Bushnell scope with a Leupold, and gave it to my son as his first centerfire rifle... It's now his favorite rifle. I've got a 721 in 30-06 in the gun safe that will be his someday too...

I figured that since it had showed up again, that it was meant to be and that someone upstairs was looking out for me.... :-) :-)

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