OK. NOW you want me to THINK... ;-) :-D

by Paul ⌂, Thursday, May 07, 2020, 13:02 (302 days ago) @ uncowboy

If you're not interested in the contents of the computer (docs, pics, etc) and merely want access to put it to use again, you might consider a "factory reset" of the system. Sometimes this can be effected without the password (if the password is not guarding the BIOS, but merely the operating system). What brand/model is the computer? It should say on the bottom of the computer on the label somewhere. It should be something along the lines of:

Satellite C70

If the computer was sold by a major retailer, they all tend to have different model numbers for what is basically the same platform. One can then find the instructions to reset the computer to factory specs.

HOWEVER, you probably want something more like this.

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