hand skills are something not every one has...

by Byron, Tuesday, May 05, 2020, 10:04 (298 days ago) @ cable

We have friends that are German military and the husband is a Luftwaffe Col. teaching at CGSC.

The wife is not only an extremely fine example of a woman but double whip smart.

In a visit about German education, she address the difference between "hand smart" and head smart". She said that the German educators were trained in identifying these traits and that by the time the child was in 2nd grade their future educations was designed to enhance and develop that child's inborn talent and that to try to teach them all the same was a waste of that child's gifts and resources.

Most times a "head smart" kid could never be "hand smart" and vice versa.

Leave it to the Germans to figure out such a simple situation.


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