Many states are trying all manner of ways

by guest, Sunday, May 03, 2020, 21:12 (297 days ago) @ Bob Hatfield

to get some of the money generated by internet sales as taxes and fees for doing business in the state, where technically, since using GB as the middleman, they might say that is instate business, even if out of state.

If you are a state resident, and the state requires GB to divulge residential sales to them, there might be an annual ceiling or somesuch where they declare you a business after so many sales or dollars.

And, as you also thought, it might be a hack of account, of GB, or your card, in an manner which many would not question, once they saw the official sounding source of the draft.

The only way to know is to get the word from GB and/or the GA Secretary of State office, or maybe another branch might also handle state revenue and know the state laws, and you get a legal read from them. With many still restricted by laws effecting everyone else in the state, there surely are backlogs if even every office officially open for business, even now.

The state normally would contact you with paper, first, and surely will, now, if the charge was really by them. I no longer deal with GB or Ebay, and several other national businesses, as they have been all too willing to acts as collection agents and intel agents for states, and I use those who do not,.. and when none at all so, then I have no excuse to not simply use local folk and let THEM get the biz.

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