I had a Bushnell 4X32 AO on

by Paul ⌂, Sunday, September 06, 2020, 20:52 (17 days ago) @ bj

the Haenel 303 Super that Rich Hoch gave me. Worked great, but eventually I sent it on down the road and replaced it with a Hawke 4x32 AO scope with mil-dots, I like the multiple aiming points on an air rifle.

I've had good luck with UTG/Leapers scopes on even heavy recoiling air rifles. They seem to be well up to the task. Their 3-12X44 SWAT scope with the etched glass reticle is one of my favorites and their 6-24X56 SWAT is my current FT scope so it's on a 12 FPE rifle and has stood up fine, don't know how it would do on a heavier recoiling one. There's a fellow on the Gateway To Airguns forum that is running a series of tests on a nitro-piston rifle to see what the recoil impulse is and how it affects scopes. A bit more technical than I care for, but am following to see if he comes up with useful "man on the street" level of information once he's done.

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