Re: Spring Powered Air Rifles

by Paul ⌂, Saturday, September 05, 2020, 07:55 (19 days ago) @ jgt

Most of them are not that complicated, in fact some are downright simple. An old Diana or one of the B series sold for $20-50 bucks years ago are VERY simple. The main thing is to ensure your main spring is controlled. I used a bar clamp for years until I managed to snag a good spring compressor from DVOR. Even these Hatsans I've been playing with recently are fairly simple. Apply pressure to the rear cap to allow the pin to slide out, release the spring bit by bit (you need to start with the bar clamp's jaw as extended as possible to allow for the spring to decompress as you withdraw it) There's a few places around the 'net with info on them, but as you noted, there's no (to the best of my knowledge) reputed book on working on them available. The Brits love their air rifles. There's The Airgunner's Shed, a forum dedicated to "fettling" air rifles, where one can get some invaluable advice on spring powered airguns. Thanks to their input I was able to restore an old Cometa 300 (same as the RWS 93) to nearly 12 FPE.

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