age is directly related to hiw much a gun used

by really want to know..., Thursday, March 07, 2019, 10:26 (449 days ago) @ Charles

all other things being equal. I have more guns to shoot, too many to shoot with any regularity.

I am humble enough to know when others might make better owners, more deserving of a fine classic where it will not spend majority of life gathering dust.

The responses are appreciated, but not accurate is inference anyone selling something is mentally defective and possessed some manner of death wish. My life is quite full, and I simply have more to it than ordering my life primarily around shooting and caring for guns.

Lack of using something generally a sign to me that one has too much stuff, and stuff owning the owner, rather than other way around. When I have too much to take care of, where every day could be filled servicing the machines, it seems clear to me who is the boss. To that end, I will be selling the gun to a more worthy owner, hopefully.

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