Again, it should be somebody younger,

by Charles, Wednesday, March 06, 2019, 09:06 (450 days ago) @ really want to know...

It is none of my business when, why and if a fellow sells a gun. That said, I do know a little about the aging process and how humans deal with it.

There are two kinds of folks that hit their "senior" years. Those that live dying and those that die living. The difference is our attitude toward the whole process. I have my fair share of age related health issues, but I am still moving forward and looking forward. I can think of nothing better than to die at a shooting range, trying to wear out a firearm that can't never be worn out, at least by me. I want to die "Con pistola en la mano" as they said down here on the Border.

All of life is a head game, but even more so as the years roll by. My body may roll snake eyes, but not my spirit, mind and soul.

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