Mr. Taffin: Nice .32 H&R Article

by Remington40x @, SE PA, Saturday, May 23, 2020, 12:18 (185 days ago)

Kudos to you for your recent Guns Magazine article on the .32 H&R. It's one of my favorite cartridges and it gets way too little attention these days.

The two Andy Horvath Rugers are lovely and the FA 97 with the second .32-20 cylinder makes me green with envy. You have great taste in revolvers, as you've demonstrated on numerous occasions in the past.

I've owned a number of firearms chambered for the .32 H&R, including the Ruger small frames in both standard and Bisley configuration, the Ruger SP101 4 inch, which is a fine kit gun, and a Browning Lo-wall I had rebored from .22 Hornet to .32 H&R. They've all been fun to play with and surprisingly accurate.

Anyway, thanks for the article and in particular the data.


Mr. Taffin: Nice .32 H&R Article

by SIXGUNNER, Saturday, May 23, 2020, 18:41 (185 days ago) @ Remington40x


From what I have heard about the 327 magnum being fairly

by stonewalrus, Friday, June 05, 2020, 21:17 (172 days ago) @ Remington40x

Nasty to shoot I think I would rather have a 32 H&R

It isn't really that bad.

by Hoot @, Diversityville, Liberal-sota, Wednesday, June 10, 2020, 10:45 (167 days ago) @ stonewalrus

Of course, I do load my H&R's a bit on the heavy side so the difference isn't that great. I can bring an SP-101 in .327 to AR (assuming you make it) if'n you'd like to give it a go. Just holler.

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