Just makes you wonder...

by Byron, Saturday, March 14, 2020, 06:15 (20 days ago)

So, we went on a scouting trip into the city to check out the clown show playing out before our eyes.

It's not the end of the world but it will change the way we live for some time.

First stop was the downtown KC Costco to pick up provisions. Vodka, champagne and toilet paper. We've already got all the food we can handle and a big pond full of water.

The place was packed and almost everyone was smiling, amazingly the shelves were full with only a few items out of stock. While the lines at the checkout were 10 deep the Costco machine got us through in 10 minutes. Effective and efficient.

Then we went to a wine club we are members of to do our monthly tasting and pick up a couple of bottles of really nice cab. We don't really drink wine but have it to give as nice gifts for our friends that do.

We always make a point of visiting with the nice folks of both sides. As much as anything to get a feel for an aspect of urban life that is completely foreign from ours being stuck out in the middle of nowhere by choice. If you don't know where we live you can't get there.

Of course the conversation came around to the Chinese Flu and what's what with that.

I gently made the suggestion that everyone should already be ready to hunker down at home for awhile, have at least a couple of months food and water at home and cash money on hand. To never tell anyone what you have and be prepared to defend their families.

The response from these loft living urban beauties was "really?" Some proudly made a point that they always got their fresh organic vegetables daily from the local market and besides their lofts were so tiny that there was nowhere to store any backstock.

Like I said, if you don't know where we live you can't get there and both of our neighbors are guys that you probably shouldn't knock on their doors after dark.

We are in uncharted waters.


Over a month ago when I first started making sure

by guest, Saturday, March 14, 2020, 13:52 (19 days ago) @ Byron

of a 6mth med supply (most cheap generics are from China and India), for the record, back a month ago when it was plain the virus was getting out of China, and they were having megadeath and taking truly horrible measures such as drones circling apartment buildings with thermal imagers and dragging off anyone with a fever to some packed POW camp with zero care and those being nothing but deathzones minus care or even food/water, I had no idea how contagious or deadly it was, and was wondering if ebola deadly and a total breakdown ahead. Utilities shutting down, no food or fuel deliveries, etc. worries.

My normal 30 day supply of canned/dried goods, TP, etc was only to help if it turned out not that bad. Which it is not, and while everyone else is now thoroughly scared, I am very relieved.

It will be tough for several months, and me as an older guy it might even kill, but it just will not be THAT bad. I am just taking it one day at a time and living as normal a life as possible, and urge everyone to do the same.There will be no total breakdown but only panic buying causing temporary shortages.

You could not PAY me to go visit a packed store and stand shoulder to shoulder with possibly infected strangers. Much less, do so for entertainment.

Just makes you wonder...

by bj @, Sunday, March 15, 2020, 20:06 (18 days ago) @ Byron

My company is asking us to work from home for awhile so I went to the store today to pick up a little food for next week. No problem with stocks at our store unless you wanted toilet paper, bottled water, eggs, hand soap or canned vegetables in which case you were out of luck. Everything else they mostly had plenty of. I didn't understand the bottled water thing- our city water is good. One thing I really didn't understand- looked like everybody was buying up the canned biscuits.

Here, the mystery empty shelf was hot chocolate when 70°F.NT

by guest, Saturday, March 28, 2020, 10:41 (5 days ago) @ bj


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