10/22RB prices? I see them here in Northern AZ for 270.00

by Bob Hatfield @, Friday, October 16, 2020, 16:25 (11 days ago) @ Rob Leahy

For what it's worth I bought the cheap version 10-22 a few weeks ago for $219. It is the gray plastic stocked version without any sights. I mounted an old Tasco Pro-Point red dot and zeroed it at 25 yards. With CCI Blazers it will put 10 rounds in an inch at 25 yards with most making a ragged hole. At 50 yards the red dot ruger 10-22 will keep them all under 2 inches with many within an inch. Federal bulk box does almost as good. For some reason Winchester Super x did poorly. What has shot the best so far is Sellior and Bellot Match 22 I bought around 15 years ago. It looks like it has a much heavier bullet and will make a ragged hole at 25 yards. This is the first time I have shot 22 in 20 years and am enjoying it immensely!

The red dot works perfect with the 22.


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