hunting at the remote mine this week

by cable, Thursday, September 17, 2020, 14:32 (40 days ago)

just got back last night , pretty tired. was getting cold out there but had some luck.... we had moose permits for any bull..

we unloaded gear at the little cabin and by then it was 630 pm. my wife said lets drive the trail upstream a bit and check for tracks....I was driving and looking out the side window, wen she said " Stop ! there's a moose, and there it...was probably 150 yds away coming down the trail toward us... and I saw being a meat hunter I told her to shoot it ! she said no you do it, supposing that I am a better shot off hand , and not really excitable .
so I got out, and it was grunting challenges at me and started to turn away, but the marlin 336ER in .356 wiinchester barked once and that was it. it went down immediately and didn't get up again


it was about 110 yds away....small rack, medium sized body.


that was about 645pm and the work wasn't done till nearly 1100pm...cutting and bagging in the dark....though we pulled the truck right up to it.


its hanging back home now, and we start cutting it up soon. this sure was a lot easier years ago, when I wasn't almost 73 years old !!

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