Combat Commander

by Slow Hand ⌂ @, Indiana, Friday, September 11, 2020, 04:56 (13 days ago)

I picked this Colt up recently. It’s an 80-series Steel framed Commander .45. The previous owner sent it to Ed Brown for a few improvements. Hammer, trigger, sear, beavertail fit to it. It has a 30 lpi checkered front strap and MSH. I really like the feel of the finer checkering. The trigger is amazing. I’ve only had the chance to taken it out once. It functioned perfect, and shot well (for my poor skills), but hit low. I’ll have to take it out some more before doing anything to the sights, but I might order one of the ‘retro’ rear sights, as I believe they are slightly taller than a factory sight. Grips are said to be maple, and they look pretty nice but Honestly look better in the pictures! They almost look like rams horn or something similar,



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