More range time with the CCU....

by Gunner ⌂ @, St Louis, Sunday, August 02, 2020, 19:54 (48 days ago)

Got back to the range to do some accuracy testing with the 45 CCU.....first off let me say I suck doing group shooting with a red dot sight, with my eyes I see 3-6 dots and at times they change positions, sometimes they are in a circle sometimes in a triangle pattern, very hard to shoot tight groups with it but I wanted a RDS for plinking and something easy for family members to shoot with. Maybe down the road I will mount a low power scope and do more testing as it seems to be very accurate.

I shot my usual 45 load, 6.1 grs 231 under a Sierra 185 JHP and 185gr LSWC....



The little unit is fun to shoot and accurate, even with the RDS and my eyes and fully believe it would shoot under one inch with a decent scope mounted on it.

I also installed a mini high rise mount from UTG, SOOOO much better, now I don't have to cram my face into the tube body to see the dot, much more relaxed and comfortable position now.

So far the unit has been very reliable, only two hicups, FTE's, and that was with my bad ammo. Had some ammo loaded with old powder that was left in the hopper too long and the loads are a little on the weak side. With normal power load the CCU has been 100%.


41 Mags rule, Baers rock!

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