by Paul ⌂, Friday, June 05, 2020, 15:04 (40 days ago)

It's not "public knowledge"yet, but this quiet backwater of the internet has few connections to the public to which the news has not reached yet and to whom the givers of the news wish to be the first to do so. SO I figure it's safe to get it off my chest and let some of you to whom it is also of interest into the know.

Last night as we were getting ready for our nightly Facebook Live session for the church here, my phone vibrated and I looked, it was a video call request from Johny Alejandro, the young fellow who married our foster daughter, Lucy. Some of you remember Lucy, and contributed to her education way back in the first decade of the 21st Century. After fumbling around a bit (we don't get many video calls) the call didn't go through. After fumbling a bit more I managed to return the call and we started catching up on this, that and whatever. It was great to see "the kids", they live up in Ottawa now so it's always a treat for first hand communication.

As we were chatting away the doorbell rang and my wife went to see what was up. Some strange guy on a motorcycle with a couple of bags in his hand. "A special delivery" he said. "From whom?" asks my wife. In the meantime I'm sitting there chatting with the kids. "It's a surprise." he said. Well, she almost didn't open the door, but decided to, due to chatting with some of the ladies from the church earlier in the day and suspecting it might have to do with them. It didn't.

One bag was for me and the other for her. We opened them up and in each one was a tiny baby shoe with a small scroll rolled up in side.

Dear Grandpa, (read mine) Mommy and Daddy tell me that you're a special person and one day I'll be able to meet you. Love, baby (signed by Lucy and Johny)

With all that's going on in the world, getting news we'll be grandparents again is just super special. I'm praying that Sheri will be able to make the trip up close to the due date so Lucy won't be alone. Anyway, no sharing of anything to the book of face or the "usual suspects" (family and friends here). We're the first ones to hear, but they've got plans to surprise others as well... but I figured you folks would have an inkling what this means to us.

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