New Kimber 45.........

by Gunner ⌂ @, St Louis, Monday, June 01, 2020, 20:39 (43 days ago)

Been a few years since I owned or bought a Kimber, after a few months of looking I finally pulled the trigger and picked up a new Kimber TLE.


First impression....really nice, well made, snug fit up, zero play in barrel, no sharp edges, very clean build. I headed to the range this past weekend to shoot some rounds thru it and do some general tested, i.e. plinking :-)

Best of the day......


a little luck goes a long way but I will take it, 185gr lead load shot decent....


7 rounds, should have quit after 5 shots but I got greedy, it happens ;-)

All shot using a two hand hold from 10 yards, a dozen or so group targets then the sun started peeking thru the trees at a angle making accurate shooting hard, really ghosting the sights so I gave up group shooting and just had some fun banging away with it.

It is nice having my own private range but it is a short hike into the woods and the sun angle on clear days is hard on my shooting in the AM to early afternoon hours, but its free so I can't complain.


Overall a great day, nice pistol and got to visit with my younger sister for a bit, range is on her property, thanks sis :-D


41 Mags rule, Baers rock!

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