Feel my wallet rising up for a Single 7 in .327

by E Sisk, Thursday, March 12, 2020, 13:11 (27 days ago) @ Mike P

I am using my Lee .32 H&R Mag dies. Have a SP 101 4.2" that is a little Tank. Also a 7 1/2" Single Seven that I shot in our local Silhouette match last month. There are lots of .32 caliber bullet options from 71 gr. to 130 gr. When I got mine the barrel was not indexed properly, knowing how tight Ruger barrels are, I sent it to Ruger and it came back perfect. Installed one of Kellye's base pins and even though I need to slick up the trigger a little, it will shoot 1" at 25 yards with several loads I have tried so far. https://www.pinterest.com/ersisk0911/ruger-single-seven/

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