I'm not surprised one bit.

by Murphy @, Wednesday, February 26, 2020, 21:39 (42 days ago) @ uncowboy

I got my first computer and went online sometime back about 1998. I remember watching on 60 Minutes a lady talking about this thing called cookies in computers. She was getting advertisements in her Outlook Express and couldn't figure out why? Then it dawned on her. The websites she visited was tracked and the information passed onto advertisers.

I can visit Ebay and a few other sites, and then head over to Facebook. Boom! I have add's that show pretty much every thing I've Googled or looked at on Facebook showing up. But, never anything firearm related. Hummmm?

My remedy for that has been a habit now for several years. Before I visit Ebay or Facebook, I delete my browser history, clear my cache and run a final cleanup via my anti virus program. No more adds. When I leave Ebay or Facebook, I do it again. Paranoid? Nope. It's just none of their business. To put it mildly, there isn't much you can do via internet that doesn't seem to be monitored to later be swapped or sold.


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