Going under the knife

by Jhenry, Sunday, February 02, 2020, 08:45 (184 days ago)

So...long story short, while squirrel hunting with one of my boys (Eli), on January 4th, we descended a ridge, I took a fall, and instinctively grabbed at a small tree. It stopped me, but it jerked my arm straight and I knew I was injured. Ate lunch at the bottom. Climbed back up. Spent the day exploring. Went to the doctor a few days later, had an MRI and visited with a specialist.

My right bicep was injured and is completely detached at the bottom. If you are over 50 and it is detached at the top they don't even try to repair it. At the bottom, it can be repaired. I don't have the date yet. They are going in, they will drill a hole in my radius where the tendon came lose. They will stuff the tendon into the hole and secure it with a plastic screw. As the bone heals it will lock my tendon in place. All fixed.

No guns, no motorcycles etc for about 3 months. Thank God it can be fixed and it isn't peak riding season.

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