Any 450 Bushmaster loaders here?

by rob @, Tuesday, April 09, 2019, 11:16 (416 days ago)

I have an upper due for delivery tomorrow and need to get set up on dies and such. I’ll probably load the Hornady 250 Flex Tip bullet to factory specs and maybe see about loading a 230 ACP bullet for plinking. I hear Lil’gun is great. I’m guessing it’s a tapered case and there are no carbide dies. Also, apparently in some old threads on the web, it looks like Hornady was making the seating die with a roll crimp rather than the appropriat taper crimp. I would hope they have that straightened out. About the only dies I see for it are Hornady, Lee, and Redding...I may have seen Lyman too but I can’t remember. If the Lee dies are dimensioned correctly I’d just as soon use them. If anyone knows where a good reloading article is on the caliber by someone like JT or Brian Pearce, that would be great. Thanks for any input.

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