Loading Balloon head brass

by Charles, Monday, April 08, 2019, 11:15 (165 days ago) @ Mark

I can be of no help with the 32 NP, but I am loading a lot of 200 balloon head 45 Colt cases. These are mixed Rem-UMC, Western and Winchester. They work just fine, except the cases don't have the extractor groove and that makes the rim quite small and most 45 Colt shell holders don't work well.

I deprime with a Lyman 310 tool and have not noticed and small flash holes. I size the cases using an older Lyman Shell Resizer which does away with the need for a shell holder in a press. The rest of the loading operations are done with the 310 tool.

The cases will roll snake eyes and when that happens, into the trash they go. I keep the loads on the mild factory load side, using 6.2/Bullseye under a 260 grain cast bullet. Works for me. There really is no need to load these old cases, unless you are an old school nut like me. These are shot in my 1921 Colt New Service revolver.

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