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by jgt, Monday, April 08, 2019, 08:31 (166 days ago) @ Drago

I don't know much about Mr. McNutt, but I do understand his thinking. In his ill-fated bid to get the Constitutional Carry out of committee, he was visiting all those that could get the bill moving. His attitude was: If you can show up at my doorstep to campaign for my vote, I can show up at your doorstep to urge you to keep the promises you made during that campaign.
Apparently, he unwittingly uncovered a double standard when these politicos reacted with indignation to his efforts. I do not know these people as they are not from my district and the Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen is in his first term as Speaker. His bio lists him as CEO and founder of Heritage Bank.
My take on this is to question when politicians will quit using the example of one incident to punish all the innocent? These guys are public officials and swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution. If they let a person coming to them in an attempt to get face to face advocacy, be their excuse to turn their back on fulfilling that oath, they have no business holding such a position. What is not being said is Bonnen had state trooper protection on scene at his home and did the screening of this person and denied his access.
I suspect this is being portrayed so negatively in the press because there are "RED FLAG" laws coming up for consideration soon and this is just political posturing, but what do I know?

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