Groundhog Hunting

by Bri A, Friday, April 05, 2019, 22:47 (168 days ago) @ Big Six

I can very much relate. Spent most of my summers growing up on my Grandparent's little horse farm. They were surrounded by dairy operations and starting at age 11, I was handed a 10/22 and a box of long rifles, and told to rid the place of ground hogs. In short order, they felt comfortable that I was responsible and safe, the next thing you know all the neighbors had extended invites for me to do the same in their fields. To make things better, I had never been given an allowance, but now those invites came with an offer of $1 per ground hog delivered to the respective farmers. I am quite sure they figured a kid with a 22 was not going to break them with huge piles of ground hogs, and I didn't, but did get very good at sneaking up on marmots in mowed alfalfa fields. The local malt shop wound up with most of my money the first few years and I have never regretted that choice one bit.

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