1911 grip update 2......

by Gunner ⌂ @, St Louis, Sunday, March 03, 2019, 17:45 (453 days ago)

I am on a roll or a man with a mission??????

I really like making things in the shop, be it knife or gun related I dig it. So with that I jumped back into 1911 grip work today, wanted badly to make a nice set of grips but I need to stay on the path of planning and jig making.

To that end I designed and made a notching jig, once a grip set has been cutout using the plexi overlay I made yesterday the panel can be screwed down to this jig to cut the notches for the main spring housing pin and mag release, so every set I make those notches are consistent in placement.


While I have had the bench top mill for a few years I have never really used it to do a large milling operation/project, mainly accurate drilling or small things, so this was a big learning experience and a massive time consumption project. I am sure someone like JohnK or Cannon Watts could have whipped it out in an hour, me....5 hours : (


I had itty bitty pieces of aluminum flung everywhere, clean up was a pain but fun project never the less. The notching jig still needs a little TLC in a couple of spots to be complete but it will do it's job quiet well.


41 Mags rule, Baers rock!

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