Viewing and Posting Pictures Here

by webservant @, Thursday, January 31, 2019, 17:03 (172 days ago)

Guys, I've not been able to update the "landing page" from the page yet. In the meantime, to view pictures others post here, make sure you go to:

To upload pictures, do the same (go to that URL)
Click on "New Topic" or "reply" if you're replying to a previous post.
Then click the "upload" button to the right of the new topic box.
Click "Choose file" and navigate to where you have it on your computer.
Click "Upload".

This should place a URL to the uploaded picture into the New Topic window. Finish up your post, click "OK-Submit" and it should go live.

I'm leaving this as a sticky for the folks that haven't got the message about the different URL.

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